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The admission requirement speaks of needing a degree from "computing science or related field". How are you defining "related fields"?

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We are intentionally vague about "related fields" as we want to have an open mind when evaluating eligible applicants. We would consider fields such as computer engineering, engineering science, computational mathematics, applied computing, applied mathematics, computer information systems, etc., to be more closely related to computer science than fields such as electrical engineering, civil engineering, or business administration. However, we still consider all applications on their merit, and when reviewing applications we typically look at the undergraduate and/or graduate courses taken under your qualifying degree(s). That being said, the more overlap there is between the courses you have already taken and the courses offered by Computing Science, the better chance you have of being considered a qualified applicant. Please use your best judgement based on the above, to determine if your past education demonstrates your ability to be considered a qualified applicant.

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